3 Top Food Bites To Buy At Yokohama Chinatown!

The bayside city of Yokohama is one of my all time favorite getaways from Tokyo. Other culinary specialties of Yokohama include a Chinese-style steamed meat bun called nikuman, sweet fried rice cake balls coated with sesame seeds and filled with bean paste called goma dango, curry doughnuts, a beef onion stew dish with rice called hayashi rice, Chinese Shumai dumplings, a rice omelet called omu-rice, Kirin beer, and an almond soft serve ice cream called Annin soft cream.
This style of hand-cut noodle — known in Japanese as tōshō-men and in Chinese as dao xiao mian — is the starring element in one of the neighborhood's 中華街 食べ放題 おすすめ most celebrated dishes: Kyokaro's sweat-inducing spicy dan dan mian (tantan men in Japanese), which sells for just ¥900.

Some of Chungking Chinese Sichuan's more popular banquet dishes include Lobster (or beef) in Taro Nest, Abalone Mushrooms with Baby Bok Choy in Oyster Sauce, Winter Melon Soup served in the melon, Sliced Abalone in the shell, Cold Appetizers served in the shape of a peacock, and a whole Ginger Scallion Fish.
Neighboring Kamakura, (another great day-trip from Tokyo), Kawasaki and Tokyo, Yokohama is the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture with a population of 3.7 million (the second largest in Japan after Tokyo) and is a city that has one of the most culturally varied and exciting histories of any city in Japan.
With this Yokohama itinerary, we're sharing the best things to do on your Yokohama day trip including the must-see attractions that are great for all ages, how to get to there, how to get around the city, and some accommodations options for an overnight stay.

Many shops and stalls here at Bashi Shotengai sell food on the go, and especially in the morning when the shops open for business, you can find freshly baked goods like Imagawayaki (Japanese style pancake with different kinds of fillings) or teriyaki-glazed meat skewers.
So check out our picks of the 50 best things to do in Yokohama, head down south and start exploring this beautiful city, accessible in just 30 minutes from central Tokyo or Haneda Airport. The Yokohama Holiday Inn offers a choice of Japanese, Chinese, French, 'Foreign Kaiseki' or 'compromise' wedding sets.

From the people to the food, Chinatown is the perfect place to see the contrast between China and Japan. Yokohama's Chinatown is a district famous for its restaurants, people practically go to Chinatown just for that. Some shops offer 75 dishes to choose from, and the sets start from 1,690 yen.
If you are visiting Chinatown in Yokohama, it is because of the food. So even for the Japanese, visiting Chinatown can be a way of escaping without ever leaving the city. Chinatown, located a few minutes walk from Motomachi-Chukagai Station, takes the cake here for variety.

All the shops are popular in Japan or around the world. Throughout the year, Yokohama's Chinatown is the host of many major celebrations including their biggest festival during Chinese New Year. Japan's second largest city lies just a short 30 minute train ride south of Tokyo and makes for a great day trip from Tokyo.
We were treated to an unforgettable dining experience with uniformed waiters in white gloves serving all (veggie and seafood) dim sum I can imagine - but one dish was about the price of a typical All-You-Can-Eat Chinatown deal. It is tough to think of Chinese food when driving through Japan's ceaseless acres of tea bushes and rice paddies.
Back in my car, and off to the east—my next destination is a mountain-top bakery, a popular little shop near Yokosuka city visited by people from far and wide. For a healthy meal, try fresh sushi or a sashimi donburi bento (fresh slices of raw fish served over rice) or eat ramen at one of the many ramen shops.

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