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There are a plethora of startups offering property-management and concierge services to make the lives of Airbnb hosts easier. After the release of this options paper, Airbnb's Australian head of Public Policy Brent Thomas released a statement taking aim at some of the proposals in the report: These heavy-handed options would unfairly punish everyday people who rely on Airbnb, rob people of their right to share their homes in a respectful way, cost local jobs, and make it more expensive for people and families to travel”.
We create your property listing, produce high-quality professional photos and write engaging copy to attract the right guests. Owners' corporations will be able sydney airbnb property management services to adopt by-laws preventing short-term letting in their block if the host does not live in the property, provided the by-law reaches a 75 per cent majority.

Speaking to Smart Property Investment, Phillip Rose, director of short-term letting service Hey Tom, agreed that these regulations are tougher than rulings from other states, but the finder details of the reform are yet to be determined, a fact that should be considered.
Australia's largest Airbnb property management company for investors, and chill, welcomes today's release of the NSW Government's Options Paper into short term letting - allowing local property owners to continue renting out their investments on short-term rental platforms like Airbnb.
He would arrange for his cleaning service to be at the apartment to let the guest in, but on one occasion a guest's flight was late, the cleaner had gone home, and the guest had to take a taxi to the cleaner's house in the remote suburbs to fetch the key, leading to frustrations all around.

Jonathan Morgan, forty-one, runs six listings out of three homes in Savannah, Georgia: one entire home that he rents, three rooms in the house where he lives, and two rooms in a vacation house on an island off the coast, to which he shuttles people by boat.
They politicians wouldn't be that stupid to think that, 'Okay, Sasha can rent a room or a house out for 180 days,' you're not going to do that, because you've got to find time when you can no longer do it, so you already know in advance, 'I can't do this,' so people won't just do it,” Mr Pressley said to Smart Property Investment.
Key must be picked up - both Services rely on designated locations convenient to the guest. We keep occupancy levels high, guests happy and earn you extra income - all without you lifting a finger. Also on his list of potential lobbying partners are The Property Council of Australia, Tourism NSW, the Strata Community Association, real estate franchise groups and property investors and owners.

The decision, which NSW Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean announced on Tuesday, is designed to penalise bad behaviour” and will see hosts in greater Sydney unable to rent their entire property out more than 180 nights a year. Even better, happy guests mean more 5-star reviews, boosting your properties rep and ensuring those bookings keep rolling in. All this adds up to more cash in the bank.
We handle guest enquiries about your property and coordinate all bookings. This means that your property will be listed under AirBnB's Superhost status. Photograph the property and optimise the listing - Hometime will organise professional photos of your property and optimise the listing to increase bookings.
Our trusted interior designers can create a home that guests will desire to stay in, which helps occupancy rate and rental yields. According to news reports , a Victorian Civil Administration Tribunal ruled that tenants renting out their entire home on Airbnb were not subletting and were not in breach of their rental contract.

In Melbourne, an operator made $3.7 million across 158 listings, while in Colac Otway someone made $3.5 million across 80 properties. Councils outside the Greater Sydney area have the power to reduce the days a property can be short-term let down to a maximum of 180 days.

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