Walnut Timber Flooring

If you are considering staying in the house, keep in mind that you may find the noise unpleasant. It is especially recommended that if you are pregnant or suffer from asthma that you find alternative accommodation while we are working on your floors. Electrodry offers an all-inclusive floor sanding and refinishing service. We continue sanding, using progressively finer grades of sandpaper to remove scratches and discolouring, and give your floor a clean finish. Customers can use FloorTEX products with confidence, as all Floortex’s products under-go rigorous quality checks, ensuring they are in check with all Australian quality standards.
Better quality products and highly efficient installation remain our services at competitive rate. Ensuring you receive the best and boost your home value without the price tag. This image represents a finished sample approximately 600mm wide. These are not defects but intrinsic features of natural wood veneer and its processing. Ecofusion flooring walnut timber flooring specialises is premium wide engineered timber flooring from internationally renowned European manufacturers. Ecofusion Flooring specialises in Bamboo flooring, an ecologically friendly natural flooring as an alternative to the traditional timber flooring. The Brazilian Teak is an extremely hard, durable timber, with a Janka hardness rating of 3540.

ECOfusion Flooring expects its floors to work faultlessly for decades after installation. So to achive that, from our floorboards, installation, moisture vapour barrier to adhesive to floor cleaners, it has to be the best. We also aim to provide the most ecologically friendly floors for your home. All our bamboo, european and exotic floorboards are purchased from Europe. ECOfusion Flooring are renowned for their beauty, quality and ability to withstand a lifetime of use. More and more people tend to purchase ECOfusion flooring solutions not only for their living areas but also for the whole home. Discover here some creative ways of establishing ECOfusion's functionality and elegance throughout your home.
You can have the world renowned German Quality bamboo flooring at affordable price. Hickory is one of the hardest domestic woods, with an impressive Janka hardness rating of 1820. It comes in many natural color variations ranging from blonde to chocolate. Its incredible durability makes hickory a great option for homes with pets, young children, or lots of guests. This is because sanding out deep damage would require sanding the boards to a dangerously thin level.
WR Timbers stock over 45 Australian and international timber species to assure you will find the right wood for your needs. Extra wide and extra long boards give another feature of timeless luxury. Every board has unique beauty presented by cracks, knots and tight wood grain that make unique patterns on each board. Other natural characteristics such as small knots, grain variations, gum, sap, and mineral marks will also be present. This 12mm laminate flooring feels firmer to walk on than 8mm laminate flooring. This product drops and locks right into place with no beating or banging. It allows you to quickly and easily install without damaging the planks.

B1901 is a retro style Engineered floor; the surface has a non-slip function, with a thick solid 6MM French oak veneer and a tested hardness of about 0.79. The biggest advantage of oak is its hardness, it does not crack and is a high quality floor. B1901 consists of multi-layer plywood, made in a criss-cross structure that greatly reduces the shrinkage of the floor. If it is laid on cement floor and flatness is not very good, it is recommended to use adhesives when installing; this will reduce the noise caused by uneven ground. If the installation is on wood flooring, then the nail fixing is the best method. Walnut wood has been used for a variety of building purposes for hundreds of years. It was so popular in fact that walnut wood has become very scarce in the eastern part of the US due to its extensive harvesting.
Solid and engineered timber floors will both last a number of decades, depending upon how you use the space where the floor is to be installed. Solid wood floors have been in use for centuries, by both rich and poor. The European elite could afford to lay their timber floors in intricate patterns, or carve designs and murals into timber blocks. The poor and middle classes were still able to afford timber, but typically laid their floors in simpler arrangements. Artisan Collection These timber floors typically represent more handwork and a number of different types of timber such as European oak as well as Holly Oak and Teak.

"Bespoke creation" at Ecofusion Flooring is about tailoring the individual needs of our clients and realising those requirements into reality. We custom make bamboo flooring and timber flooring to match the unique desires of our clients. The Natural Creations ArborArt range features realistic contemporary, rustic and exotic wood visuals that provide the warmth and appeal of natural hardwood. The Janka hardness rating for Brazilian Walnut is a whopping 3680, making it the hardest and most dense of all the woods we’ve discussed. The colors in this ultra-hard timber range from light blonde to deep brown. Its extreme durability makes it a perfect choice for commercial buildings with lots of foot traffic, such as restaurants, sports complexes, and kitchens.
HanWood Design offers durability and performance features designed to keep up with the rigours of Australian family life, while remaining a cost-effective flooring solution. Featuring an AC3 abrasion rating and a 20-year residential warranty, HanWood Design 8mm laminate flooring can be installed in the busiest areas of your home. Install in your bedrooms and highly trafficked spaces such as entertainment areas, lounge rooms, dining rooms and hallways. Our laminate flooring is Full edge wax sealed for moisture resistance and noise transfer reduction. AC4 laminate flooring is a unique classification combining both residential and light to medium commercial usage. All Havwoods flooring products are designed for alternative use as wall cladding panels. Simply have your favourite product delivered, and install as cladding to create feature walls with personality.

These items are usually Axles and Hydro's, Deck Housings, Drive Shafts, Mower Blades, Tyres etc. For confirmation please enquire before placing your order as you may find extra delays. When you place an order, our system will automatically estimate delivery costs. Any variation to shipping options that you may choose will be quoted individually. There are a small handling and postage fee that will credit under your account if you buy from us.
As one of the fastest growing contenders in the Australian Flooring Market, Beau Floor seeks to extend the opportunity for potential clients to collaborate. Together, we continue to deliver the best quality products and beyond. A native American hardwood, American Walnut, is a premium furniture and cabinet making timber.
Our range of exotic timber will delight the most discerning clients. Ecofusion Flooring offers exquisite floorboards made from the finest woods in the world from America, South America, Africa and Asia. Products displayed are available locally for "QUICK SHIP" from our Australian warehouses. Contact Customer Services for availability of products tagged as "Special Order" . This is the second most popular exotic wood choice, and is only slightly softer than Brazilian Cherry with a Janka Hardness Rating of 2200. Although Mahogany also comes in a variety of colors, its tones are slightly more neutral compared to the features of Brazilian Cherry.

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